Initial Thoughts about Teaching With Media

My philosophy of teaching with media is essential not only to students, but to the workforce these students will be entering once they have completed their secondary education. Using technology in the classroom is conducive in relation to being able to stimulate real life events and situations for our students. By using technology, students are able to try new things and discover a world beyond paper and pencil. In health science particularly, the curriculum is geared towards work based learning experiences in the health field. By using technology in the classroom, not only are students able to read about what they are learning, they can use technological tools provided to them to increase their learning potential. In my classroom, we use technology such as laptops, ipads, and even simulation manikins. Sites such as google classroom and google drive is used frequently for student work. They use their laptops to assist with research to relate what they’re learning to real world scenarios. We also have a health science lab that is full of technology; this includes simulation manikins that students are able to take blood pressure, pulses, and so forth to put into practice what they’ve learned in the classroom.

Thoughts about Teaching With Media

Now that I have finished the class, CI 5630-Instructional Technology, I have found there are many resources when teaching with media. My teaching philosophy on how to use media has changed slightly since taking this course. I knew schools were beginning to integrate technology into the classroom as a engaging learning tool, but I didn’t know to what extent. For instance, prior to taking this course, I primarily used media options on a solo basis. PowerPoint slideshows were used in Microsoft PowerPoint and articles and videos were posted via google classroom just by a link or viewed as a class on the website such as YouTube. Now that I have taken this class, I know how to incorporate a lesson into TED-Ed or Blendspace all onto one site without having to go back and forth with video links or PowerPoint presentations. Not only that, students can interact by answer questions or participating in a discussion which in turn I am able to use a method to assess student comprehension. The way my teaching philosophy remained the same was that I still think it is “conducive in learning”. As educators, we are working with youth in a whole new generation of 21st century learners and we must adapt to that. I’ve always thought media in the classroom was a great way to engage students, but I didn’t know to what extent I could take it. This class just ultimately reinforced media in the classroom and broadened my view on the use  and effectiveness of technology in the classroom.




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